Fee Policies

Admission Fee Policies :

  • School fees are fixed by the Governing body and are likely to be revised if found necessary.
  • No pupil will be allowed to sit in the promoted class if the fees for the previous class are due.
  • Should a child be removed from school, Transfer Certificate will not be issued until his/her dues have been cleared.
  • Annual Fees must be paid in four installments.
  • The four instalments must be paid before 15th of April, July, October,January, failing which late fee will be charged @1 % (One percent) per month of previous installment's amount from due date. And after that the child's name will be struck off the roll. Parents will have to pay readmission fee. This will be followed very strictly.
  • If all dues are not cleared by the end of the session, the student's result will be withheld.
  • Duplicate fee slip will be issued from the school office on Payment of Rs. 10.
  • For Online School Fee Payment:


Security Deposit
Security Deposit will be refunded only if application of withdrawal is duly submitted to the Principal in writing, by 7th March in the last Academic year at LSSMS.Security deposit will be refunded only after the completion of the annual audit i.e. after 31st July.No mid year applications will be entertained for security refund under any circumstances. All refunds will be addressed to after the end of the academic year.Parents will be liable to pay the fees for the next academic year, if application of withdrawal is not duly submitted to the Principal in writing, by 7th March in the last Academic year at LSSMS.
School Leaving certificate
School Leaving certificate (Transfer Certificate) will be issued only after clearance of dues and payment of amount(s) in favour of the school.Vandalism Penalties will be applicable in-case of any damage caused/ dues occurred because of: Mishandling or loosing of School Library Books and Laboratory Equipments, Damaging of school IT facilities, Third party damage/ loss caused by the student at the time of events, Mishandling or damaging the assets of school and transportation.If the withdrawal notice is given after 7th March of the running academic year, full academic fees (of the following academic year) shall have to be paid to get a clearance for the Transfer/leaving certificate.In case of withdrawal any time after the commencement of the academic year the fees for full year shall be charged/forfeited in favour of the school.
The rules and regulations
The rules and regulations formulated by Little Star Shailesh Memorial School construe for smooth and effective functioning of the school. Little Star Shailesh Memorial School , reserves all rights to amend the fee and set regulations when needed and found necessary. The information given in the school's brochure and application material is an indication of Little Star Shailesh Memorial School 's , intent as on the date of publication of this document. The contents of this policy should not to be construed as a binding contract upon Little Star Shailesh Memorial School and cannot be legally challenged.

The idea of Little Star School, came into existance to fulfill the dreams of the little stars, who have infinite inherent talent and capability to outshine in this world if receive right guidance and education

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