From The Director's Desk

From The Director's Desk


The Truth About Kids is.......

  • They want to argue about everything
  • They understand more than you think they do
  • They do what you do not what you say
  • They are natural systems thinkers
  • They are natural systems thinkers
  • They tell you ‘yes’ even when they mean ‘no’
  • They do better when someone is watching
  • They don’t want to be singled out!

Education today is….a paradigm change and we are asking our children,

“How would you like your experience to be?”

And they are quick to reply, “Prepare us for a happy tomorrow.”

And we are slowly, but surely, moving in that direction….for them to dream of a image of the future and Creating a bridge to get there.

A complete education is the holistic development of body, mind and soul. At LSSMS we provide all three to our students so that they are empowered to face challenges as well as become good human beings. Our aim is to mould students to become leaders, responsible, tolerant citizens and contributors to society apart from success in their chosen careers. The school provides an environment where students have exposure to sports, creative expression, and learn to ask questions.

In our 25th year, it is a matter of great pride that our students have gone on to get admissions in the best institutions of higher studies. We wish them all the best for their endeavors.

Smt. Arti Jain (Director)